Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

We, human beings, have a habit of investigating things and people around us. Some people are too curious what’s good and mostly what’s wrong in others’ lives. Some constantly spend time on where I can earn the extra money or where I can save extra money. We wake up and we become curious to know what’s going on in the world and we open the newspaper. There are many people 908908who are reading this article, who can not start and end their day without Facebook. I don’t want to say much more about it. There are hundreds of things which shows that most of the people are interested in anything else except themselves.

That’s not the topic of this article.

My question to them/you is: “How often do they/you actually check their/your life?”

As a Life Coach, I ask that question often.

The answer reveals the reality of the individual.

It reveals if you are living your life by choice or chance?

After all, you cannot hide yourself from the reality of your life.

You need to find out what is working and what needs to be fixed.

After all, You are responsible for your own success and failures.

I met a person who  wakes up every morning, reaches his office even before the cleaner arrives, chains himself with a computer for almost entire day, leaves home after everyone has finished their dinner and goes to bed after midnight because he wants to finish some of his work for tomorrow before the day ends. That’s what he calls Productivity! Next day he wakes tired of insufficient sleep and the circle goes on.

I asked him, “Why are you living like this?”rupee maze

His answer was, “to work to earn money”

I asked him a question:

“Are you working to live or living to work?”

He was puzzled for a while and speechless.

There are hundreds around who fit in the same example.

Sadly, for many of us, this has become our default way of living.

People have become more like robots than human beings.

There is no surprise, people have become more depressed than ever.

It’s not too late yet.

It’s time to check your life.

Have a look at some points and questions below.

Carefully think, observe and evaluate yourself.

It’s even more  interesting.

1. Be brutally honest with yourself
If your motivation is dead, you are always under unwanted pressure, your health is suffering and your relationship is in trouble.  You are more likely living your life by chance, not by your choice. Now, it’s still your choice to live your life by chance. And if you keep living your life by chance, you will probably end up with serious health and relationship problem.

Do something about it.

Who else is going to fix your problem????

2. Ask yourself: am I really living life to my full potential?
If you have been honest with yourself, you most probably got the answer ‘NO’.

Thinking outside of the boxMany people have been honest with themselves at some point in time in their life and guess what, they have changed their life into more fulfilling and happy life.

Keep reminding yourself that you have the freedom to live the life you want.

Maybe you are into a boring cycle of life.

Start connecting with people who can lift you higher.

Start investing your time and energy in learning a new skill and acquire new knowledge.

3. Ask yourself: Am I getting closer to my goal or outcome? 

This is one of the most powerful questions I ever came across.

Rather than spending your time carelessly, ask this question: “Am I getting closer to my desired outcome/goal?”

internetmarketingchartReally think about it. Don’t just miss the moment after asking this question.

Try to get the answer consciously or unconsciously.

The effect of the answer is amazing because it will tell you the truth.

If the answer is ‘Yes’, keep doing it.

If the answer is ‘No’, start doing what you are supposed to do.

4. What’s your Action Plan?

Find out, what problems you are going to fix.

Note down all those areas where you want to improve. Pick each area in after another.  Remember that you can’t fix everything overnight.

Be patient with changes.

Changes are always uncomfortable and uneasy, especially positive and productive.

Keep going on IF you are going on the right path.

Remember: You need to make choices, take decisions and take actions that take you closer your goal or outcome.

Please leave your feedback below.

To your enlightened success

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