Change Happens At Anytime!

Change Happens At Any time!

Recently, I had a client who was too hopeful about his life.  Now, this is a very common problem.  I have seen many people in my career who is suffering the same problem.

People are just too hopeful about their  future. The irony is that they just wait, wait and wait just in the hope that someone from the universe will jump down and give them what they WISH…

The common thoughts going in their minds are as following,attractiveness_goggles

“My time is bad. When my time will come, I will show what I can do.”

“When I get the right job, I will be happy!”

“When I will meet Mr. XYZ, he will change my life around.”

You know what I answer to them?

“You can live the way you want from right now.”

“You can do whatever you want from now on”

“You can show your real talent to people right now.”

“You can show your creativity with enormous enthusiasm right now.”

Why living in a dream of tomorrow when you can do those things in reality right now?

solutionsJust start from somewhere.

It’s pointless to wait for the time to come.

There is a presupposition in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), “You have all the resources that you need to get your outcome.”


whether it’s true or not, if you believe it as it’s true, you are into a more resourceful state.

You will become more creative and your mind will automatically become a problem-solving machine.

As I said many times earlier, ONLY YOU can change your life, no one else can.

It’s been said by almost all motivational trainers, “Always do something bigger!”

I mostly disagree with that.

The reality is that You can not achieve anything bigger without beginning at a small level.

All big accomplishments are the results of the sum-total of small accomplishments.

No sky-scrapper is built without beginnidireMokATng at the ground level (in fact,  it begins from way below ground level)

I can realize what problem you still might be having….


Our society encourages us not to begin….it encourages us to hang back and seek safety and comfort.

We have always been discouraged to start something.

I can also admit that it’s most probably done unknowingly and unconsciously.

For us, all new things and all new actions are equal to CHALLENGES.

Challenges are more fearful to us rather than acceptable.

In fact, challenges make us more powerful and advanced.

History shows that we human beings have progressed because we accepted challenges.

The challenge causes movement. The challenge will test our skills and make us better.

Only challenge and the boldness to engage the challenge will transform us. Every challenge we face is an opportunity to create a more skillful, powerful self.

self-expressionAnd how do we face a challenge?

I take you back to the previous point now.

Just begin now.

Whether it’s small or big. Take the first step and take steps further that eventually leads you to the outcome you want.

There is no such thing at a right time or right place.

Opportunities are all around us, we just need to identify and capture it.

It’s that simple.

We get hundreds of chances to change our life but we rarely pay attention to it  and we focus more on our daily life.

We can simplify our life by learning new things and acquiring new skills.

And you can do it at any point of time in your life.

I heard that the wind is good for plants and trees. It blows strength into them. A motionless tree getting brittle in the windless sun and it will snap apart in the first monsoon.

So, take challenges, start something, change your attitude and change your actions.

Till next time

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