Can You Give Your 100% Efforts?? Possibly ‘Yes’ & ‘No’!

Recently I was helping two of my students to design their CV.

I had a look at their profile section in their CVs and I found this sentenceefforts nlp

“If given an opportunity, I give my 100%.”

Now, this made me think, “can we give our 100%?”

We also heard from many speakers that we need to give our 100% to achieve success.

Now, let’s find out if we can give our 100% or not.

First of all, my question is,

“When was the last time you gave your 100%?”

If you’ve got specific example in your life, I would like to know,

“What if you could have given more than 100%?”


In fact, There is always a scope of giving more attention, more time, more energy, more resources etc.

On thdomino efforts nlp indiae contrary, I also believe that we are always doing our best. We always give our 100%.

We always take decisions and actions based on the knowledge, skill, experience, resource and situation.

We do what we think is the best option available to us at any given moment.

We always have choice or choices to decide from and we pick up the best choice available to us.

So, that means we do our 100% at any given point in time.

That’s also true.

But, I believe that we can always change the amount of our 100%.

what I mean by this is that we can always put more efforts in our work.

We can always gain more knowledge.

(Remember: There is no such thing as complete knowledge of something.)676689

There is always tons of knowledge to gain.

We can always sharpen our skills and learn new skills.

Skill is an art. There is no limit in learning an art.

You can become the master at a skill, but that is not the end of your journey to learning or sharpening your skill.

Giving 100% is not quantifiable, so we can not say, “we have given our 100%.”

Giving 100% means putting your complete efforts but how can we know that we have put our 100% efforts?

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in, and day out,” -Robert Collier

It means that we have to put more and more efforts in order to achieve success.

Instead of giving 100%, we should more focus on putting more and more efforts that can take us closer to our goal.

Some interesting questions for you,

“How do you know if you have given your 100% efforts?”

“What if you could put more efforts?”

“What actions you would take in order to correct your mistake?”

“What actions should you take to improve your performance?”

So, what have you decided? Would like to give your 100% or would you like to put more productive efforts?

To your enlightened success,

Mayur Bardolia

Certified Life Success Coach / Business Coach / International Trainer
 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner (UK) / Author / Counselor/
Certified Hypnotherapist (UK) / Language & Behavioral Change Expert
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