Can you solve problems in 120 seconds? Yes, You Can!

Can you solve problems in 120 seconds? Yes, You Can!

On the last Monday evening, I was having a coaching conversation with a client from Mumbai.

He knew he had some problems.
Such as, life was not moving forward.
The business is going down.
The relationship is joyful.
These are the big problems.
They are the results of unsolved problems that needed attention when they arose.
We look at the problem at the initial level but we don’t pay attention and deal with them.

We have been programmed to be afraid of rejection and failure.
Yes, you have been programmed too.
That’s why we delay those things.
Each problem requires a different skillset, mindset and toolset to solve.

Let’s come back to the client from Mumbai.
When I asked, “What are you going to do to deal with the problems?”

He replied, “I need to take action.”

I said, “That’s great. So, why don’t you take the required actions.”

He paused and said, “I don’t know how to do.”

“‘How’ is not a real issue.”

Then I said,
Ask yourself: if I had to solve it in the next 120 seconds, what would I do?”

He looked puzzled. I asked him to cut the call for 2 minutes and come out with the possible executable actions after 2 minutes only.

I disconnected the phone for 2 minutes.

I called again and he replied,

“I now have a better clarity over my problems and I know what can be done to solve them.”

So, what was the real issue earlier on?

How did he come out with answers in just 120 seconds?

So, it wasn’t a toughness issue. The problems were not hard to solve.

It was a laziness issue.

People avoid problems. They postpone.

Then eventually the problems don’t get solved and they get bigger.

When you have the urgency to solve a problem.

In this case, the client was supposed to get the solution in just 120 seconds.

Nothing gets done without the urgency of the matter.

Just pick up any small to medium problems related to your life and business.

And ask yourself: “If I had to solve it in the next 120 seconds, what would I do?”

Questions have power. It will give you a clear perspective on your challenges.

That’s exactly what I do in my coaching. I help my client to look at the problems and help them to come out with the solution.

My coaching tools help them to grow faster and quicker even in an unstable time.

So, pick up a challenge, pay complete attention to the possible solutions in 120 seconds. Write those down without overthinking.

Just pour your ideas on the paper.

Share with me how it worked for you. 

I will be more than happy to help you to solve.

Warmest Regards,

Mayur Bardolia
Coach | Author | Online Course Creator



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