How business people bore others in marketing and you should not do the same?

How business people bore others in marketing and you should not do the same?

In the last article, I shared “How to get your clients like you INSTANTLY?”

Many of my readers felt ‘WOW’ after finding out where people spend money for a specific reason. 

I shared that people are happy to pay money if you can help them to forget their problems.

The entire ‘Entertainment’ industry is built to help people get themselves away from their challenges.

But many of my readers asked me to share more detail.

One of the questions was, “How can I entertain them if I am not Tom Cruise, stand up comedian or a Hollywood superhero?”

This question made me laugh first, but then I decided to answer.

Let me just recap what I covered in the previous article.

I told you that all we can do is help people with their problems.

I said there are only 4 ways we can do that and ONE of them we neglect the most:

Helping people FORGET about their problems…Another word for this is called ENTERTAINMENT.

Never bore others in marketingIt’s super-important. Nobody is talking about this in so much of detail.

One of the deep reasons is…

One of which is…

Normal human bonding.

‘Entertaining your audience should be your priority to marketing your business.

Because in this era of technology and social media, getting people to listen to you is so damn critical in business.

I’d like you to imagine your best friend in your mind. Think of them and hold their face outside of your mind, right in front of the screen here. 

Now let me ask you a question about your friend. 

Do they talk to you about a wide range of life topics, yes or no?

Do they talk about their life?

Do they tell you jokes and stories? 

Do they invite you to movies, café or restaurant? 

Now… Imagine your best friend ONLY ever talked about your job.

Always giving you advice, always grilling you, always “stuck” on you and your challenges at work. 

How comfortable would you feel being around them? 

Would you sometimes avoid their calls?

Would it get one dimensional and tiring, right?

In marketing, we often make the same mistake.

We hold that mirror up to their face, constantly throwing their problems in their face.

Or else we indirectly talk about their problems by showing them the benefits and features of our product or service.

We do this because we are selling our products and they solve very specific problems. We are a business, a serious business. 

Not anymore. 

Not on social media you aren’t especially. 

It’s a mistake to be one dimensional.

Education and selling will make them buy, but entertainment will keep them around long enough to even get to that.

Entertainment comes in many forms, and I have 9 types of entertainment you want to be focusing on in your marketing: 

  1. Mystery

  2. Humor

  3. Story

  4. Drama/Controversy

  5. Music/Dance

  6. Range of emotions (Like watching a movie of any genre)

  7. Suspense

  8. Fun/Excitement

  9. Surprise

How can you add any or many of the elements from above in your marketing?

This is the surest way to attract more clients.

That’s it for today.


– Mayur Bardolia
Results Coach/ Author
Skype ID: mayurbardolia
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