Why should you ask for what you want?

Why should you ask for what you want?

A few days ago, I was going out with my family for shopping and dinner. And we went to a beautiful shopping mall.

I met one of my oldest students. We were meeting after about 1-2 years. She is brilliant.

I asked about how is her life and career. Sadly, he was not doing well. She has been struggling for 2 years.

She added that he always wanted to call me but he was hesitant.

The reason, she thought that she did not want to disturb me.

Well, everybody who is close to me knows that I am generally accessible and available to talk on a condition of appointment.

I generally answer email and phone. I reply immediately or after I finish my work.

She knew it but somehow she did not contact me to ask for help.

It’s not the problem with her only. There are many who don’t ask for the help.

When you don’t ask for the help, you get stuck. 

If you too are holding yourself to ask for help, watch this video.

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