A Simple Question To Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

A Simple Question To Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

I am quite convinced that people are really good at reading minds and predicting the future.

Do you think it’s strange?

In this article, I am sharing with you one the topics of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) called ‘Meta Model’.

In Meta model, there are set of questions which recover information lost through our thinking process. These questions enable people to go deep into the process of thinking. These questions are really powerful to motivate yourself as well as others.

willIn this article, you will learn a powerful question called “How do you know?”

So, let’s begin…..

People are really good at convincing themselves that they know what another person is thinking or what will happen in the future. It’s like they are mind-readers and possess an exceptional skill to predict the future.

They might think that someone doesn’t like them or that something isn’t going to work out for them, and that can cause them a lot of problems.

Have you ever found yourself saying following negative and unproductive beliefs?

“I can’t learn”

“I know, I am going to fail!”

“My life will never be good”

“I am not going to pass the exam.”

“Believe me, business is not going to go well for next 6 months”

“Boss will not accept my proposal”

“My clients will not buy from me”

“You can’t trust sales people”ball-and-chain

“Marketing is not an easy job”

“If I do that, I will  get into trouble”

“My boss thinks I am lazy”

“I know, you don’t believe me”

“You just don’t care”

“She/He doesn’t want to help me”

“Believe me, he will be really upset”

If you are saying all those damaging sentences, challenge yourself and others by asking


It will compel you to find out how you came to this conclusion.

People believe based on their past experiences and create a ‘unwritten’ story of future.91c38d4a99262c6c318d3920b41248d6

For example, imagine you believe that someone doesn’t like you and I ask you, ‘How do you know?’

 Another example might be if you were to say to me that you’d never win the business deal.

 Of course, the past doesn’t equal the future, so again your belief would be challenged.

 We have no power to predict the future VERY PRECISELY.

If you believe you can predict the future, why not predict more positive and more productive future?

‘How do you know?’  makes a person to find the reason to believe what they believe.

So go through those statements above or may find the similar statements you use and challenge yourself “How Do You Know?”

If you say “I know everything” Ask Yourself “How do you know?”

If you say “I don’t need to learn new things”, ask yourself “How do you know?”

If you believe “it is useless question”, ask yourself “How do you know?”

To your enlightened success

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