A process for failure: Cheat yourself in your spare time

A process for failure: Cheat yourself in your spare time

I know a young man. He has a great potential but no obvious advantages. He doesn’t have a good education, has no money to speak of, he has no serious connection.

He has good natural talents, a solid mind, a good attitude, the willingness to work hard, and good values. He works hard at his job. His boss is usually happy with his work. He is a great prospect. He might accomplish very wonderful things. He has the potential to be great, just like everyone.

He fills up his spare moments by surfing the internet or engaging in similar amusements. Such as facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, twitter, games etc.

Such activities can lead you slowly to the failure. You will find out in the video

I have caught him doing so, and so as his colleagues. There’s nothing terribly wrong with that, we can argue.

He accomplishes the tasks he’s assigned. He works extra hours when asked. He doesn’t complain. But for him – and his future – it’s a shame.

How exactly? Watch this video.

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