90 Days Coaching Program

“Turn Your High ROI

Ideas Into reality In 90 Days”

[My Personally Developed] Step by Step Coaching Process To Implement Your Goals  

With Certainty, Courage And Confidence

I took my phone out and tweeted this.

Absolutely right!

Anthony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk are superb motivational speakers. They are the best at what they are doing.

They have been rocking the world for so many years. They are in the business of motivating people to take action and achieve their dreams.

Their courses, workshops and seminars are just repetitive information and sell it to you for a huge price.

But that’s not important.

I want to share with You my 90 Days Course.

How To Implement Your Ideas

Without Delay And Fear?

Want to know more?

The course will teach You the process that I invented and tested to grow with speed and power.

Do you ever feel like “I wish I could’ve implemented my ideas and took action to grow no matter what earlier; rather than regretting now.”

What Do You Choose Between Powerful Growth and Painful Regret in Your Future?

Most people regret not taking action on their ideas when it was needed to implement.

Because, Power and Speed of Implementation Matters, right?

Your Idea loses power If you don’t implement faster.

And After a while, you don’t feel motivated to work on it. 

You already know what to do to make more money, to dominate the market and to create more time for yourself and family. You just need a framework and support system to take bold actions consistently 


My coaching system is so simple to follow that you won’t have to spend hours and hours to finish the tasks you want to do. The same process helped me and my coaching clients to grow regardless of what industry they are in.

“But hey. You just said that you should learn how to grow from the best motivational speakers in the world? So, why should I bother to know your coaching program?

That’s true. I accept it.

My course is not about motivating you to take action.

(I would still suggest you learn how to get motivated to implement your ideas and achieving your goals from the legend I have mentioned before.)

You will not get anything new from me about how to be successful. I have got nothing new to say on how to become happy and wealthy. There are tons of books and videos available everywhere.

It’s pointless to ask you to pay me a huge amount of money for the knowledge you can get by paying a small amount of money or sometimes even free.

I am being honest with you.

My course is not going to motivate you with flashy videos to help you to execute your ideas.

So, what is in it for you to teach you?

The proven and guaranteed system and tools that you can use to implement your ideas instantly without delay even in tougher times.

But where can you use this?

This course is this to implement their ideas to:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Freelancers

  • Sales Team

  • Artists

  • HR Professionals

  • Trainers

  • E-commerce companies

  • Marketing agencies

Here’s exactly why you should be interested in this course.

You know We all have ideas in our mind. We know exactly what to do.

Ever happened, you know the solution to your problems but you just can’t begin.

Like every business, we have our own unique problems. 

We make plans and strategies, but guess what, you don’t have clarity over what to do next.

We set goals but don’t know where to begin with

As soon as we reach to the office, we get distracted by other small stuffs, colleagues, conflicts, endless meetings and social media.

The time goes faster than we expected.

I experienced the same problem.

I knew exactly what to do.

But my days, weeks and months went over without remarkable progress.

I could not finish what I wanted to finish.

I was irritated and frustrated.

I lost momentum. I had many ideas but I was unable to implement them.

I lost the respect from myself. I lost motivation.

I could not generate the power and courage to execute the ideas.

I started reading some best selling books and attended seminars.

I was asked to do endless exercises.

Vision planning

Goal planning

Defining values

Gratitude book

Taking notes

You can name many.

Tons of stress management exercises

I even forgot how much efforts and time I invested.

Did they work?

Some of them worked but most of them wasted my time and energy I never get back.

What a loss!!

The solutions I was seeking for were not found in any book or seminar.

I also hired consultants but they asked me to implement their ideas without knowing what exactly what I wanted.

They created more problems that were not existing before.

It was a tremendous loss of time and money.

On top of that, I also lost respect, hope and courage.

I was not the only one who faced such problems.

There were hundreds of people who are facing such struggle and challenges.

After all, I did not start the business to work harder and to lose my freedom.

Just like all of us, I was seeking for something that works.

I wish someone can get me out of this rut.

I wanted to know what exactly is needed to grow in our life.

I hired some of the best coaches and trainers from all over the world. 

That was a BIG and The BEST decision of my life.

I rigorously learned how high performers grow.

I learned what stops us from doing what we want to do.

You will free your time by taking decisions faster and execute the ideas without relying on motivation.

Finally, I developed the tools and techniques that help me to create more money, time and relationships by solving problems faster regardless of tougher time.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Doing things and taking action is a habit.

You can’t change habits by just consuming the knowledge and information.

But after following the system and process, You will know easily where you are stuck and what needs to be to get unstuck.

Then, you are in the new world of possibilities.

I will personally guide you through the process so that you are not left clueless and helpless

You don’t need much mindset change to do what you want to do.

Instead, I will be doing direct and honest communication, where there will be no time for nonsense and fluff.

Because you know what I don’t like?

When people give you information they don’t even implement.

They tell you endless knowledge but they don’t show you exactly how to use 

Me? I use the system and tools for my clients and myself. (My entire coaching practice is built on this)

And in this course, I will prove it to you.

I personally will help you along the way.

You will implement the ideas quickly without fear.

You will learn to solve problems no matter how big they are.

Yes, that’s right!

In this 3 months, Your habits will change.

Where most training programs and seminars give you information only, My coaching program delivers transformation, GUARANTEED.

Yes, the coaching system works.

It is not a motivational program or a soft skill program.

In the 3 Months, you will be learning to do and enjoy doing more things in lesser time with laser-like focus, that too without feeling stressed out.

I know it surprises you and I will prove it to you.

Here’s how it’s going to happen in 3 months.

  • The entire 3 months course is purely one on one basis. There will be no crowd. There will be no distraction. I want to deliver the value to you with my complete undivided attention.

  • We all have blind spots. I will make you aware of things that you don’t know about yourself which is stopping you. I will listen to you as no one else has listened to you. I will tell you what no one else can tell you. I am committing my 100% dedication to you.

  • On Day 1 – 4 hours of the coaching session. In which, we will be creating a clear roadmap for the next 3 months action plan. The first session will itself give you a tremendous change.

  • A 2 Hours long coaching session in each weekend to make sure we are doing real progress

  • Each and every day, there will be an accountability call/mail to help you to take disciplined action consistently. This will keep you immensely focused and disciplined because I as a coach will be keeping an eye on you so that you do what you say you are going to do.

Why am I giving too much of value?

Because I believe that you should not be left alone fixing the challenges and problems yourself overwhelmed with tons of information and endless written exercises.

I want to guide you too.

I invite you to have an initial 30 minutes strategy call.

We will talk for 30 minutes and after getting qualified for coaching, We will decide to work together ahead.

It’s been a great privilege to see the people creating phenomenal success.

I invite you to have a conversation with me to be more productive and to create compelling results both in your life and business.

After the conversation, You will gain better clarity and create an action plan you can implement easily and immediately?

That too in just 30 minutes.


It’s as simple as 1-2-3.


It’s no-nonsense and no hype.


What we are going to get from this call?

  • What exactly is stopping you to grow and what is needed to grow.

  • You will leave with a crystal clear idea about what to do after the call gets over.

  • You will also be able to lead yourself without seeking for motivation.

  • A taste of my coaching system.

Cost? It’s free. You won’t have any compulsion to work together ahead.

I work with only 5 clients a month and I work with only those who are committed to altering their behaviour and ready to take necessary action.

This coaching is not for you if you are seeking for another soft skill, motivational series or some inspirational stories.

This coaching is the Best for you only if you have the success as the only option, not a failure.

If we think we can be the right fit, we can work together ahead. 

Either way, you are going to win.

Schedule Your call right now.

If you are still reading and haven’t booked the call yet, you are not too far.

Just scroll above and schedule your call.

I will see you on the other side of the call.


Your coach,

 Mayur Bardolia


P.S. “I’m an entrepreneur…I’m a freelancer…I an running a sales department…I’m a student….I’m an artist….I’m a senior manager…

I’m a doctor….I’m a sportsperson….I’m going to start a business after some time…

Will I be able to apply this coaching system to execute my ideas faster and more powerfully?

If you are a student, sportsperson, or a doctor, then ‘No’.

You probably don’t get much value out of it. (At least I haven’t dealt with them)

But if you do anything else from the list above, you will be able to.

Because either I’ve done it myself (or helped a client do it)

So, Want to know more about me?

And why do I think I can coach you?

Here’s a small glimpse:

  • I’ve been training and coaching companies worldwide to improve their performance and productivity for the last 10 years.

  • Helped people and organisations to increase their sales by at least 20% in 3 months

  • Taught people to free more time for themselves by guiding them how to make decisions faster and work with a focus in today’s world of distraction 

  • Showed people to create a compelling offer so that they can pitch to their clients and close deals quickly. This saves their time and energy dramatically.

  • Published 4 books worldwide

  • Developed and produced 12 online courses with 9,000+ students enrolled from 145+ countries.

  • My current businesses: 1) Training Company 2) Coaching 3) Online course producing unit 4) Advert Copy Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I going to get with ’90 Days Coaching’?

By the end of 90 days, you will become more productive, be a better leader, learn to sell more, communicate with impact and achieve goals you never achieved so far.

How? I will teach you to solve the problems that are stopping you to grow with power and speed. No matter how turbulent the times, You will do REAL progress. This coaching program is NOT a bunch of motivational lectures. You will create productive habits so that you will be able to take action naturally without relying on motivation. 

Each and every day, there will be an accountability call/mail to help you to take disciplined action consistently. This will keep you immensely focused and disciplined because I as a coach will be keeping an eye on you so that you do what you say you are going to do.


Is this 90 Days Program right for me? 

The course is designed for: The committed individuals who want to unstuck themselves and want to get the goals they could not achieve so far and those who want to play a bigger and bolder game in life and business. 

If you are a business person, senior executive, trainer, coach or highly serious about transforming your life and business, this ’90 Days Coaching Program’ is for you. I work with people who give the promise to take the action and really take the action.
You must be willing to change your behavior whenever needed to get the outcome you want. This course is best for you if you want to live the rest of your life without regret. If that sounds good to you, 
schedule your call today!


Who is this Coaching program NOT for?

If you are not committed to change your actions, this coaching is not for you.
The above sentence means exactly what it says.The coaching is NOT for anyone looking for a “magic pill,” to “get rich quick,” or anything of the like. I don’t catch fish for you. I teach you *how* to fish, so you can build your own greater life.
 The needy, unmotivated, and those lacking drive need not apply. My coaching is not for the faint of heart.


How much does this Coaching Program cost?

Book your strategy session first. We will discuss the problems and challenges you face and will decide if we can work together or not. During the call, If I find that you are eligible for coaching, we will move ahead in coaching. Even if you are not selected, you will still leave with more clarity and confidence with an immediately actionable plan. You will still be happy after talking to me. That’s my bold guarantee.


What is your refund policy?

If you’re asking this question, I don’t want you to hire me as your coach. I didn’t get where I am by quitting, and I don’t feel the need to cater to quitters, either. I know for a fact that what I am going to deliver as coach is worth far more than the price you’ll pay for it. For this reason, there are NO REFUNDS. Again, if a refund policy is going to be the deciding factor for you, I’d prefer you just not buy from me in the first place. 

The entire fees must be paid in advance before the first coaching session and are non-refundable. If you choose to quit for any reason, all unused compensation will be donated to a charity of our choice.


Why did you create this coaching program?

I simply love helping people to live a bigger and bolder life with the coaching process. It gives me immense pleasure to see people unlocking themselves from staying mediocre to creating greater life with power, honesty and strong vision. I love to help people who help themselves. I enjoy an amazing journey of transformational change with my clients. If you want to break free from your limitations…. Let’s talk