7 Steps Technique To Unstuck Yourself When A Big Challenge Frustrates You

7 Steps Technique To Unstuck Yourself When A Big Challenge Frustrates You

Long time ago, when I was beginning my career, I was searching for opportunities to perform my work. On one day, I got a call from a company where I had to teach the entire team of 25+ sales managers of a big Multinational company.

I agreed to take the challenge and I was supposed to start the 5 days long Sales Mastery workshop after 3 weeks.

I thought I had enough time but even after 2 week, I did not even think about it. I was terrified with the deadline coming closer.
I worked very hard to prepare for it and the event was over successfully. I didn’t want to commit the same mistake.

When you want to do something big, you want to take that challenge. When you agree to do it, it seems wonderful challenge. Somehow that initial excitement fades away after some time.

Now, your deadline is fast approaching and you haven’t even started. Getting the job done is a priority, yet it somehow doesn’t happen. Instead, it stays there on your daily ‘To-do list”.

What causes this destructive process? Why does a great opportunity turn into a very big burden that turns into an overwhelming problem. It leads to frustration and you wish did not even accepted and started.

So, what to do when you can’t finish the project you were excited to do when you got it.

There are all sorts of causes- but only one solution that consistently works for me.

I have shared the solution in this video.

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