7 Small Skills For Exponential Growth

7 Small Skills For Exponential Growth

“It’s the little things that make a big difference.”
It was said by one of my coaches.

I could not understand at that time but that stayed with me forever.


Cause it’s true. 

I mean, the bigger skill matters. A lot. 

No doubt. 

But so many people have the macro skills… 

Yet they still fall short in life. 


I don’t know. 

But I do have a theory… 

Macro skills get you on the boat. 

But it’s the micro skills that steer the boat. And determine where you go. And what you see. And what you achieve. 


Most people neglect the micro skills. 

So, here are 7 micro skills to quadruple your growth:

(1) Body language — We mostly communicate via our body language. The way we walk, talk and hold our body directly impact the person who perceives us. Mastering body language will command respect from people wherever you go.

This skill is so underrated. It took me longer to realise that our body communicates 5 times louder than our words

(2) Tonality — Not talked about enough. Study the famous influential leaders on youtube and observe their tonality. I love to listen to videos of Jordan Belfort who is a famous sales coach.

Jordan Belfort is the king of tonality. One sentence can be said in many different tones and it creates entirely different meanings. How can you do it? Pick any one sentence and say with as many tonal variations as possible. 

(3) Generating the feeling in others – We can create any feeling that we want in others. It may sound impossible but it’s being used on you too. If you look at advertisements, posters, TV commercials, movie, songs and news.

They skillfully generate different feelings in you without your awareness. If you master this skill, you can sell anything that you want. And make a lot of money. 

(4) Being aware – We are constantly talking to ourselves. I have seen people struggling to sit alone for 5 minutes or less. People get too distracted. The focus and attention span is decreasing quicker. As a result, we can’t live in the present moment.

We constantly think and evaluate what we see, hear and feel. Being fully present by shutting down your brain is a great skill. We miss so many opportunities simply because we don’t pay undivided attention to everything happening around us.

(5) An energetic and fearless attitude – After interviewing countless successful people, sportspersons, actors etc., I found that their energetic and fearless approach separated them from average individuals.

They could see what others can’s see. They could do what others could not dare to do because they had a fearless attitude. They did things faster because they created energy and focus on doing.

(6) Staying IN CONTROL – We have to decide how we want to react to the situations. Everything that happens with us, we have to take action to deal with it. But everything that we do has consequences. We need to find out the cause behind the things that happen to us.

The way to deal with the situation is a rare skill. How you deal will directly impact the life you are going to live. Good news: You can always choose how to react and to take action.

(7) Influencing others – Everybody wants to follow someone. People are looking for a way out. People want to move ahead, but they are looking for someone who can inspire them. Now, I am not asking you to be a spiritual guru or a motivational speaker.

You should be able to move people with your words and action. If you can understand people better and know how to lead people, you will always get what you want. Such as lifestyle, money, relationship, respect etc.

Ultimately, you need to know how to sell your ideas. But you must know how to convey your message clearly so that the customers feels happy to buy from you. That’s the only way to make more money in your business.

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