What’s Holding You Back

When I am teaching to my students about my techniques and tool, one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘what do you do if it fails?’

People even ask ‘has this ever failed for you?’

You failThey seem to feel that if I, as their teacher, have failed with a technique in the past, it makes it OK for them to do so as well.

 It’s almost as if they are asking for permission to risk failure.

May be I am wrong or right but it mostly because of our school.

I would completely blame our education system.

May be You would agree with me either now or as soon as you finish reading.

At school, failure is bad.

It’s deadly. A mistake gets punished, failure causes shame.

During our learning experience at school, failure was highly exaggerated term we ever came across.

We can’t remember how many times we got appreciation for our tiny or big success and how many times we received negative remarks or bully for silly-tiny mistakes which didn’t matter much.

We have been asked to consistently do better, which is good but it’s absolutely inappropriate principle of learning.

But Relax.

The Real world is different.


Here mistakes are a pathway to learning.

Failure is the key to mastery.funnel

Or I should say, learning from failure is the key to mastery.


Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over Again and Expecting Different Results.”


And Winston Churshill said:

“Success Is the Ability To Go From Failure With No Loss Of Enthusiasm.”


This means you must learn from failures- and keep going!

This applies to learning almost anything. Especially when it comes to learning a new skill or subject.

When people ‘fail’ they often put the blame outside of themselves and blame the techniques.

“Oh-I knew this/that technique would never work!” etc.

This is why it is so important for you to own and accept responsibility for whatever results you get.

This means that when you fail it’s not the techniques that didn’t work- It was you.


It also means that means that when you are successful it’s not the techniques/knowledge that worked their magic-Dont worry be happy it is YOU!!!

See-there is an upside! Owning your ‘failures’ means you get to own your successes as well!

And Remember- ‘There is no such thing as failure, it’s only feedback. It what you are doing something isn’t working, try something else.”

Life is just a series of experiences. It’s good to pass through and enjoy the learning process.

I hope you like it. Hit forward to help others. Others will appreciate your help. I guarantee!!!

Awaiting Feedback! Until Next time.


To Your Enlightened success.

Mayur Bardolia

Copyright © Mayur Bardolia 2013

All Rights Reserved




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