Optimism! This is one of the most misunderstood or shall we say, one of the most misinterpreted word.

optimismWe have heard about this many times from various motivational speakers.

There was a debate going on with my friends about it and one of my friends presented a wonderful description about optimism, originally described by an author called Bob Schwenkler. So the credit for this information goes to Bob schwenkler.

This is a powerful explanation of Optimism

Optimism is not believing that everything will turn out ok.

It’s not seeing the glass half full.

It’s not looking at the bright side of things.

It’s not believing that you’re doing everything really wonderfully.

It’s not knowing that tomorrow will be a wonderful day.

It’s not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s not believing in yourself.

optimism 2These are all just beliefs we tell ourselves to make us feel more comfortable.

And in the same instant we sweep the parts that we don’t feel like examining under the rug where they continue to happen.


Optimism is curiosity. It’s childlike in its creativity.

It’s saying to yourself “How can I fill this glass up even more?”

It’s asking “How can I grow from this pain?”

It’s seeing what you’ve created and asking “How can I improve this even further?”

It’s wondering how you can live even more fully and provide even more value tomorrow.

It’s wondering what there is to discover within the darkness of the tunnel.

It’s getting curious about yourself. “What steps do I need to take to create what I’d like to create?”


Optimism is action.

It’s doing what’s needed to fill the glass up even more.creating optimism

It’s doing the emotional work.

It’s creating the improvements.

It’s taking that time to care for self-care and going the extra mile for a client or friend or lover.

It’s exploring the tunnel by the feel of your hands in the pitch black.

It’s acting upon the answers you find.

Optimism is knowing that we have the choice in our lives.

It’s disbelief in the beliefs that will cause us pain when they’re contradicted by emotional circumstance.

It’s owning our power and acting upon it.

It’s fully owning our spirits and our lives.

Optimism makes you more powerful and open to the new possibilities.

Pessimism makes you weak and limits your growth.

So, when you are stuck and feel powerless, ask the questions mentioned above.

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Have productive & Prosperous life ahead!

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Think of your friends who may find this article extremely helpful and share it with them. Hit Share button below.

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  • Nilesh Barbhaya Posted November 4, 2014 6:48 pm

    Article is worth reading. Would like to read more on such type of topics.

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