How much can you stretch yourself to achieve greatness?

When it comes to achieving something worthwhile, it requires a different version of you.

You need to be different in order to do something different. When you do something different than before, you get different results.

The study shows that you can learn anything in 2- 5 trials of experiences only.

Also, in order to be a master at something, you have to keep doing the great work 100s or 1000s of times.

Unfortunately, people are not willing to go through few trial experiences. Also, people do anything to avoid what is required to do.stretching-yourself

In this article, you will find what is needed in order to be a great achiever.

Achievement doesn’t happen when you are in comfort zone.  Are you afraid of hard work?

We are scared when it comes to doing hard work.

People avoid working because they have the fear of work and pain they will have to go through.

YES! Read it again. People avoid working because they have the fear of work and pain they will have to go through.

Nobody is ready to go through pain.


“How much can you stretch yourself?”

This is very powerful question shared by one of my friends, Mr. Amit Pathak, who is one of the best NLP trainers I ever met.

In our conversation about growth, he asked me this wonderful question, “Mayur, what’s holding you back? How much hard work you can do? How much you can stretch yourself?”

These questions changed the way I take action.

We generally don’t want to try harder. We have committed to limit ourselves to a minimum number of efforts and trials. We have created an imaginary boundary in our life. Are you willing to put more energy into your work? Let me explain in a different way.

Do you know the reason why people join the gym?

The answer is simple. They comfort-zonewant to be stronger and increase their stamina. People go to the gym and do a lot of hard-work. They stretch themselves. You know that the harder you do exercises and workouts, the stronger you become.

Nobody has ever become weak by working harder. People are weak because they don’t work harder.

The strongest and fittest survives for longer. The more challenges you face in your life, the stronger you become.

What are you afraid of?

What’s the worst could happen if you work hard?

I am not too sure if anyone would have died of hard work.

In sports, the players have to work too hard to win the championship. They work for days and nights.

They pass through so much of pain that they don’t feel the pain of struggle anymore.

When we watch any famous sportsperson, we need to think about the amount of work they have put in.

Their presence in the big title game is the result of their efforts of months and years.

So, are you willing to put in massive efforts fearlessly?

The pain you will go through will give you pleasure in the future.

Today’s pleasure and comfort will become your reason of regrets in the future.

Choose to go through the pain of hard work now. Choose struggle.

Choose discomfort. They are all temporary.

The more you pass through discomfort and pain, the easier it will be for you to conquer them in the future.

So, Here’s a task for you:

  • What action do you need to take to get what you want? Be specific when you answer.
  • Create a complete step-by-step action plan for it.
  • Do it and keep doing it over and over again.
  • Remember: The harder you work, the stronger you become.

Contact me if you need assistance to do this.

I will be happy to know your feedback.

So let’s do this


– Mayur Bardolia

Results Coach/ Author


Copyright © Mayur Bardolia 2017

All Rights Reserved

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