Results Coaching- 30 Days Program






Hi, Mayur Bardolia here

Does it sound like you? checkYou are a responsible person. You wish you can work hard on your important tasks and focus more on your priorities.

checkProbably You are disciplined. You wish you can be more productive. You want to feel satisfied with performance and results.

checkYou are frustrated because you have been neglecting your priorities. Now, You want to see yourself successful and taste the fruits of your efforts. 

checkYou are feeling trapped and stuck. And, you FINALLY want to move away from your invisible chain.You wish you can take control of your habit to reach to your goal.


YES, Is that you? Then…. 

This Results Coaching 30 Days Program is right for you to 

get more things done with what you already know in just 30 days.

You will accomplish more, be more relaxed and less stressed.

You have been waiting to achieve more 

You don’t need to regret

You need to CHOOSE TO GROW..

No matter what

Now, let’s discuss something very important.

If you are still reading this, it means you want to take immediate control of your business, money, relationship and power…… regardless of your current environment, situation or circumstances.

You are working hard and you are nowhere near to your outcome.

You feel rejected because you can not achieve what you desire the way you want.

You know what you should do but you are unable to begin.

If this sounds familiar to you, 

then this system is best for you

Okay, so what? Here’s what it is NOT about…

  • NO Goal Setting techniques
  • NO Time-management theories
  • NO Organisational Skills to learn
  • NO Traditional Productivity Strategies
  • NO Mind-power or visualisation exercises
  • NO Positive affirmations every second
  • No ‘quick rich’ formula

3 Key Reasons why you can’t get results…

Even if you want to 


Poor sense of urgency

You know what you are supposed to do yet you decide to stay in comfort zone and believing that you have a lot of time. 

From inside you knew you need to change but you could not put massive efforts.

Lack of Honesty

It’s quite easy to promise.
People fail because they can’t do what they said they would do. 
You will need someone who can show you what nobody else can see and can show you.

Fear of getting exposed

The same as above, you need someone to keep you on toes.  

The fact: High performer pay to seek out for the weaknesses  and to get exposed to reality.
What your life would be like if you began to seek out people to help you to expose your weaknesses?

Your level of commitment and action exponentially increases

when someone boldly tells you about your weaknesses and helps you to sharpen your strength.

That’s exactly why RESULTS COACHING 30-DAYS PROGRAM’ is designed to help you to do

Here’s the good news: You don’t need more information.  
You need someone to help you take what you already know and make it work.

“I was terrible at doing what I was supposed to do.  I was feeling frustrated and disappointed. Time was flying away so quickly?! 

I always wanted to live a richer and better life but I somehow wasn’t getting ready to do what was required to achieve those things. Life was messed up.

Luckily, I was recommended the ‘Results Coaching’ by one of my clients who runs a highly profitable company and arranged a one-on-one call. To be honest, I was skeptical about the process before the call but in just 30 minutes call, my whole perspective was changed, my mind was flooded with lot of possibilities and I decided to get coaching from Mayur.

The result: Finally, I did all those things in just 30 days which I was not doing in past 6 months. This was the incredible transformation. You must get it.”  

–  Manish Vara, Business Owner, A Pharmaceutical Company

“I have been reading a lot of self-help books. I spent a lot of money in books, seminars, workshops and courses just  to get that last piece of information in order to unlock my true potential.

It took me a long time to realise that I was doing only ‘Shelf-Development’ instead of ‘Self-Development’. I was clueless even after attending countless seminars and webinars. Every day I needed the kick from videos by motivational speakers. Alas, I could not see much change. I was feeling helpless.

After doing ‘Results Coaching Program’, I realised that I did not need more knowledge, instead,I needed someone who can help me to implement what I already knew. 

After just 30 Days, my income rose by 150%, my stress was reduced and surprisingly I was working less number of hours than before. Yes, It’s all possible!”

Ronak Shah, CEO, A Textile Company

Let’s press on… You don’t need more information.  
You need someone to help you take what you already know and make it work.
All you need is……Effective and consistent execution…
Daily doing the thigs you need to do to achieve your goals is the only path to accomplish and experience the life you desire!
And another thing.
Taking the right actions, daily, using the simple execution system you are about to learn is what will allow you to finally achieve your most inspirational dreams and goals!
And experience the thrill of achieving them in the next 30 days.

“Results coaching 30-days Program is a system

that works and delivers results”

Let me lay it out for you…
In just 30-Days, you are going to discover…
  • A proven and unique process for unrelenting action and execution!
  • A process, that eliminated procrastination  for you…
  • Eliminates the habit of lost focus and prevents wasted effort!
  • A process, that gives you clarity and focus, predictability in your achievements…and control of your time and results!
  • A process that will accelerate your success in any area of your life…and have you achieving more in the next 30 Days than you have achieved in the last 3 months.
All, using a simple “action-taking process” that ensures you take the right actions every day!
How do we do it? The answer is simple.
You will go through execution system that gives you results against your efforts for the next 30 days

You never have to struggle to get what you want

Your guaranteed Action and Achievement System

This Is The Complete Coaching Process

1 -One on one Personal Coaching Session

On the first day, you will be introduced to the new world of possibilities.

We are going to have a personal coaching session.

During the session, I will be helping you to overcome the obstacles in your mind which are stopping you from growing.

We are going to design the roadmap to your achievement and design the actionable plan to get what you want in the next 30 days.

There will be coaching about getting MORE AND BETTER RESULTS only.

There will be no crowd. There will be no Ra-Ra Motivational Talks.

There will be you & me.

We will be working on clarity, strategy, and accountability because I want you to succeed.

We will be committing for not settling for less.

We will begin the revolution.

2 -Weekend Coaching and Strategy Call

Every weekend, we are going to discuss what required actions you took during the week. 

You will be provided tools you’ll be using as you plan, execute, and achieve your goals over the week.

We are going to make sure that you are following the road-map and action plan no matter what.

I will keep you focused and make sure you are getting your results.

I will deal with your questions about your Execution, motivation and strategies.