How Do You Make Others Feel

During my seminar on ‘Conversational Hypnosis Mastery’ seminar finished last week.

not happyI learned a wonderful tip from one of my students. Now, I am not too sure should I call him my student or my teacher because He was more than 65 years Old (in fact Young and energetic), has been the high profile government officer and he had enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom.

I feel fortunate to have participant like him in my seminar.

 By the way, Here is what He said.

We come across many people as a form of complete strangers, friend, relatives, partners, customers, professionals, suppliers etc.

We will mainly focus on the issue with customers, colleagues and professionals. They leave us with any of the following feelings.

1.   Dissatisfied

2.   Satisfied

3.   Delighted

 You will come across some people who are dissatisfied with you or ideas you suggest. Here are two issues.

 First- They don’t want to be satisfied. It’s almost extremely difficult to try harder to satisfy them. They have some reasons to disagree with you but they don’t want to tell you.

Or may be they don’t like or trust you. It may not mean they are negative. They MAY have some reasons to get dissatisfied with you. Those factors could be jealousy, ego, power, conflicting beliefs & values etc.

 handshake2Secondly, They might need some explanation and some valid reasons to get satisfied. They may not know what’s good about your idea, product or service. May be they are not aware of the other side of their reality. Now, this requires specific skill called Communication, persuasion and Influence.


Now, we were always been told that make people go satisfied with us. It’s cool. This is very important. Once you leave people go satisfied with your ideas, product or services, they will most probably come back to you for more business, more help etc. We should try to satisfy our clients, business partners, investors, suppliers etc.


Now, there is a small hidden factor called ethics. You can make people satisfied but if your idea is bit unethical or is not good/beneficial/useful for them, you will become their enemy eventually.


They will see you as a cheater or lier. Now, this is really bad impression and it takes a lot of time and energy to correct this impression and the chances are very less.

  So  be sure, whatever you are suggesting is truly going to be good and beneficial for them.

 Now, Finally there are some people who are feeling delighted after meeting you or after using your product/service/advise. When you create the feeling of happines and delightfulness in others’, you are not only winning the negotiation, you are turning a person into your fan.

guideOne of the biggest secret to gain success in any relationship is to make others fee happy and delighted.

 Because, people are always in search of happiness, joy and smile.


If you can give happiness to someone, this could be the biggest gift you can give to others around you.


And it’ free and the more you give, the more you get.


You can make people happy by being happy yourself. Have unconditional respect for others. People will spot this genuine interest and they can understand your authentic smile and happiness.

 You can also add some light positive humor in your conversation.

 You also provide solutions to their problems.

And that’s what they are looking for.


You can acknowledge their presence by paying attention to their words and understanding their feelings.


Let them feel cared, respected, welcomed, accepted and heard.

 Now, it’s time for you to try and practice.

 This is just the tiniest slice of the content I cover during ‘Conversational Hypnosis Mastery’ Seminar. Book now to learn more!!!!


Awaiting Feedback! Until Next time.


To Your Enlightened success.


Mayur Bardolia

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