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Like many People, you will love reading those over and over again. Today, I am going to talk about common pitfalls prevent people from reaching their potential.

What is in between you and your growth. I am here to present you THE GAPS and some small but extremely useful tips to overcome those.

So, Now Let’s start….

1.The Assumption Gap – “I assume that I will Automatically Grow”

This is really funny. People are generally lazy by nature. So many people love to sit idle, do day dreaming of growth, read RA-RA motivational books, listen to positive affirmations, watch the same videos over and over again on youtubgrowth trape. If you are doing the same thing. I guarantee, you will not grow. It’s OK to do those things but THE FACT is that YOU need to do efforts and work in order to grow.

 In simple sentence- “You can’t grow being stable.”  To understand better, Read my previous really useful blog Who Deserves the Most Attention & Efforts In YOUR LIFE? by CLICKING HERE.


2. The Knowledge Gap-“I don’t know how to grow”

This is very interesting. Let me assure you that it’s a another excuse people give. In fact, you have all the resources that you need to grow in your life.

The mistake people do is that they don’t seek for information or knowledge to get their work done. They think that their problems will be solved automatically.

 Actually, they have to try to find the solution.

So be solution focused rather than problem focused. Do you want to know how to get the knowledge to grow- The Best answer in the world is ‘Ask the person is grown in your desired area and the person who can show you how to grow- Hire the Coach and get coaching. Read really good blog ‘It’s Important to Find A Coach’by CLICKING HERE.


3. The Timing Gap – “It’s not the right time to begin”

 You might be laughing slowly now. This is the very common excuse people give. Let me ask you a question and I want you to  write on a sticky note and put it right in front of you all the time- “Do you feel bad enough now to make some changes or would you rather wait until you feel even worse?”

Remember- There is no good time or bad time to start with, There is only a TIME TO START. Of course, I do suggest you to take calculated risk if you need to.

But the good plan is violently executed right now is far better than perfect plan carried out next week. Many people blame circumstances to postpone their growth. It’s only you who has to start.

Nobody is going to come to you to start your growth.  If you are waiting for a signal from the universe like ‘The Secret’, believe me it’s not going to happen.


4. The Mistake Gap – “I’m afraid of making mistakes.”

Well, one of the biggest fear people have is fear of failure. I need to remind you that we learn more from failure than from success.

If you pick up any successful people in the world, you will  find that they have failed at least double the  number of times they succeed.

 images (2)There is a famous quote which is, “If you wish to increase your success rate, be prepared to double your failure rate.” In our environment (family, community, school etc.), other people have painted extremely horrible picture of failure.

Other people found failure as the most unwanted thing in your life.

Failure is only an experience and it gives you a feedback to change the way you work and take action in order to get your desired result. It’s that simple!

I recommend you to read one of my previous blogs‘Lessons We Learn From Failure’ by CLICKING HERE

Next week, We will talk more about the traps which are holding us back from our growth. I hope you like it. Hit forward to help others. Others will appreciate your help. I guarantee!!!


Awaiting Feedback!

Eternal Smiles


Mayur Bardolia

P.S. If you found any of this useful, go ahead and forward it to as many people as you can Now!

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