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The Secret About The Secret -2

This is the second part of the article of last week on ‘The Secret About The Secret’. I suggest you to read part-1 on If you haven’t already. I advise you to understand Part-1 fully and completely. In last article, I promise you to let you know the roles beliefs. So, here it is... Read More

The Secret About The Secret -1

I believe as soon as you read the title, a movie called ‘The Secret’ might have come to your mind. It was liked by thousands of people around the world and was translated in countless languages. In so many programs of mine, people really get excited to talk about that.  The Secret (Rhonda Byrne-2006) discusses Read More

One Magic Word for Persuasion

When People Ask me to teach Persuasion skills in 2-3 hours, honestly speaking it’s impossible to teach in 2-3 hours. May be 50 hours would be less to teach Persuasion skills. When I teach Persuasion & Selling Skills to entrepreneurs and sales people, I incorporate hundreds of techniques of persuasion and almost all of them Read More

Designing Your Past or Future?

I have just received a call from one of my students and he encouraged me to write this article. He and others just like him spend a lot of time on their history. Some do it purposefully with such hobbies as journaling, while others simply write and rewrite their history over and over in their Read More

Probably… You are Already There

I might have told you this story in my Training or Coaching Programs. It really makes people think. As you read through, you would probably find this story more amazing because I managed to find the Original story. If you like it, then please Forward it to others. The story is very powerful. It helped Read More

How a Locked Door Opened a Man’s Mind

Last week, one man approached me for Success Coaching. He was looking nervous. As he continued his talk, I found something very general pattern of behavior I found in many people. He was stuck in his problems. He was trying hard and working hard to get things done in his life. I told him a Read More

Things You Should Give Up to Be HAPPY

Here is a list of  things which, if you give up on them, will make your life a lot easier and much, much happier. We hold on to so many things that cause us a great deal of pain, stress and suffering – and instead of letting them all go, instead of allowing ourselves to Read More

How To Use The Powerful Word

Last week, I shared one of the most powerful word to achieve success in your life. I received hundreds of mails to Thank Me. About 4-5 days ago, one of my clients met me somewhere and asked me a question and was really curious to know the answer. The question was very good and it Read More

The Powerful Word That Will Get You What You Want

One of my clients of Business Consultancy asked me one week ago, what I consider to be the number one thing that contributed to every successful person ability to achieve levels of success that most other people wouldn't even dream of attempting. It’s very interesting question. So I thought about it for a moment, then Read More

How To Remember Names Easily

We meet hundreds and thousands of people throughout the year. The ultimate goal of every meeting we do is Productive Relationship. We communicate to others in such a way that our communication gets stronger. The biggest embarrassment when we meet that person again and we can’t remember their names. It sometimes creates an impression in Read More

25 Lessons Learned from Bill Gates

One of my Best friend and business partner, Mr. Minesh Vaiwala, told me once that If you want to be Rich and Successful person, Copy the Rich and Successful Person. I also strongly feel  that DO WHAT WILDLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO such as Bill Gates! Stop worrying about what an idiot next door or so Read More


It’s been constantly said that if you don’t have the passion in your work, you should leave your current work and do what you are passionate about. Now, you might have heard this sentence hundreds of time from many people including me. I was having a group coaching of my masterclass group last week. The Read More

Let’s DREAM Again !!!

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney This small sentence by famous Walt Disney encouraged me to write this article. You might have heard similar thought end number of times but the problem is that we don’t have courage to pursue those. When you were child, Read More

Lessons We Learn from Failure

In my previous blog ‘The Easiest Recipe for Success’. I asked you to ‘TAKE ACTION’ in order to make your beliefs come true. It seems Easy to Get the Result you want after reading the blog. The problem is people don’t want to ‘TAKE ACTION’ because they are afraid of failure. People stop taking action Read More

I Can Help You To CHANGE!!!

A fortnight ago, I have been to the local ‘Book fair’. As I ave been there twice. I explored the whole book-fair and I really enjoyed looking at books, products, technology etc. Luckily, I met some of my friends and some of my clients too. I was observing people and their behaviour precisely. I found Read More

Who Deserves the most Attention and Efforts in YOUR LIFE?

In the process to Change Lives and showing my clients the way, I always emphasize on improving self-esteem.   One of the most important thing I ask my clients to find out who is the most important person in their life? I advise people including You to pay as much attention as possible to this Read More

The Easiest Recipe For Success

My first big public speaking event about only in last year sometimes and it has created a profound shift in My life. I got Great feedback from people who attended, and I absolutely loved the day and am still loving my work. As a result, I could see new possibilities and opportunities that just weren't Read More

Creativity: Imaginary Board of Directors

I always say to people that We have got all the resources that We need. We can get help from whoever we want (Yes, anyone)!! We often find ourselves trapped in problems and try to find way out. I come across all sorts of people and the  very crucial problem is that how to get Read More

Make Greatness Your Goal

Ever thought how You can be a great person. Most of the times we get confused of what is greatness and how exactly  You can be!?!?   If greatness is your goal, whether in your business life, your personal relationships or your own personal growth, here are some guidelines to get you on your way. Greatness Read More

The 30 Days Challenge

Ever wished You have more control over yourself? Well, that’s the most hardest thing in our life. Someone said, “He who Controls himself can control the world.” It’s very Common thing that We do so many things in our daily life but can not do something what we really wish we could do for ourselves. Read More

How To Deal With Conflicts?

You have probably Realized when You wish to Do Something or presenting Your ideas to someone, You Become Excited but the battle starts when someone starts opposing you. That’s what we call conflict. It happens in every area of Our Life. For example, relationship, business, workmates, clients, family, friends etc. You have experience the same Read More

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Being busy with some Business and Sales Coaching for a while, I realized a the very common problem among most of us. I have a client who has dream just like you have. He has attended countless  seminars but  couldn’t get results and it’s very common scene. I helped him to turn his dreams into Read More

When You Believe You Can or Can’t, You Are Right…

I had a chance to go to Mumbai few days ago to meet like-minded people.  I met one lady there who was Emphasizing most of the times on Changing Beliefs to bring Change in someone’s Life. She is absolutely right. Let me show her ideas to You about beliefs. You Take each and every Action Read More

Some Small Words For Making Big Difference

About 2 weeks ago, while I was conducting some Business coaching and Training Programs on Sales and Persuasion, few words caught my Attention and made Me thinking for hours and hours. We hardly noticed how small words can Change our results. Then in last week, I decided to Meet my friends and  clients randomly. During Read More

Making Your Thoughts Come True-2

Hello This is the second part of the article which i wrote last week. If you haven’t read the first part of this article, I suggest you to read on In my last article, I was talking about my experience at one of my training programs on NLP for business. There was a group Read More