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Create The Life You Want – NLP Foundation Diploma Weekend Event


Create The Life You Want – NLP Foundation Diploma Weekend Event


You will make things happen which are surprising and marvelous to others.

Mayur finds peak performers and experts including highly successful business people, charismatic leaders, CEOs, celebrities, high profile negotiators, exceptional sports persons, scientists,  geniuses etc. , almost from all walks of life;  

Discover their strategies and process precisely & install them in you to make you Powerful, Positive & Productive in every area of your life as well as business.

4 Steps to Excel

Step – 1

 Enroll in any upcoming event from above or any course from here or Hire Mayur as your next Life Coach

 Contact Mayur to get help to take decision by emailing him on or call on 9737046050

 Discuss and figure out your goals and results you want with mayur.



Step – 2

 Learn NLP and it’s strategies to take charge of your mind. Find out how you can manage your emotions.

 Realize your true potential  by acquiring new sets of empowering beliefs and attitude

 Become master communicator to motivate & influence yourself and others

 Know what to do and how to do because ultimately result matters to you. It’s that simple!

 Understand NLP techniques and get used to it effortlessly.

 Apply in any situation in your day to day life.


Step – 3

Achieve unconscious competency

 Develop your mind and behavior to be exceptional performer by installing the strategies of geniuses & peak performer in your mind so that you become positive & productive effortlessly.

 You should experience Mayur’s modelling technique in which he decodes the intuitive and natural talents of high performersfrom any field and reproduces those talents in you. Interesting , isn’t it?

Step – 4

 Progress happily.

 Continuously find yourself developing exceptionally & entirely in all areas of your life such as career, relationship, business, family, health and wealth.

 You are prepared for life-long success and programmed for powerful, productive and positive life ahead waiting for you. 

DSCN3164-small “The Techniques I use take you from where you are now

to where you want to be. Yes, it really is that simple!”

- Mayur Bardolia

Changeworks Carried Out By Mayur

Live Training Events & Workshops

Empower yourself and grow with Mayur’s research based and result oriented Training Events. Mayur’s programs are far beyond typical soft-skill training.

In fact, his style of coaching is practical, full of fresh information, easy to implement techniques/exercises and lots of fun.

You should get in touch with Mayur if you need a good
speaker, coach, a consultant, a trainer for you or your team. Be sure to receive Mayur Up.

Get in touch with Mayur when you need any assistance of any kind, related to his work. Those who have seen him speak, invested in his programmes, consulted with him and attended his seminars continue to be moved deeply.

They learn profoundly and laugh loudly.

NLP Courses

Become mentally fit, Communicate effectively, achieve goals easily, manage conflicts, build & grow strong relationships and become genius by possessing new set of beliefs, attitude and generate new behaviour to create the life you want.It’s all possible with Mayur’s NLP Programs

Few of world-class NLP Courses

2-Days Prosperity in Business Through NLP

2- Days NLP For Excellence – Create The Life You Want

NLP For Teachers : The Art of Encouraging Excellence In Your Students

NLP for Sales : Excellence in Sales with NLP

Personal Life Success Coaching

Mayur is there to help you design a ‘REAL’ and totally workable plan to accelerate your Life and/or  Business.Mayur is with you to show you PRECISELY what to do to become highly successful individual….if you aren’t there already.

 You will find ‘A Step-by-Step Personalized Path’


& make Mayur Bardolia your next Personal Life Coach

(read that as very dynamic, funny, informative and exceptionally Innovative!)

How Life Success Coaching works?



Wipe out smaller to bigger problems from your life such as anger, lower confidence, smoking, drug addiction, depression, insomnia, weight loss, pain management, anxiety, laziness etc. with the power of Hypnosis.

Change is possible, easy and quick with Hypnosis.

Consult Mayur for personal Hypnotherapy sessions and eliminate bad habits, behaviour and other mental issues with his magical skill of hypnosis

Hypnosis is like a miracle. See it from your own eyes and feel the magic.

Contact Mayur Now on 9737046050 to book an appointment


Generating Genius in You: 

Modelling the Masters

Modelling is the process of identifying, extracting, coding and replicating the innate perceptions, thought processes, beliefs and behaviour of high performers whether you want to be a business person, a sportsperson, an artist, singer, dancer, a leader, expert communicator or a genius….

You too can have Capability, Behavior & Qualities that the other person possesses with the power of modelling.

Conversational Hypnosis Mastery

Did you know? Almost everything you want in life requires co-operation from others. This is a universal rule. You need other people to attain your dreams and speed up your success; that’s reality!!!  

‘Conversational Hypnosis’ allows you to connect and communicate with people at a deeper level than ever before to become more persuasive and get the things you want.

This is one of the MOST ADVANCED course designed in the history of Communication, Persuasion & Influence

Find out Tons of Wealth of Knowledge, Ideas & Wisdom from Mayur’s more than 100 articles

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See Mayur in Action….

From Mayur, You are going to …. 

Discover ‘What is NLP’ as well as Definition and history of NLP

Know how our brain operates and how individuals see the same experience in different ways

Generate new habits that will help you to be successful

Communicate (verbally and non-verbally) effectively to others and to yourself

Possess the mindset of highly successful people

Find out what is more valuable to you and realise your passion as well as potential

Set goals for success and understand what is really important to you

Achieve your goals quickly and easily by learning one of the most promising and practical technique to achieve your goals

Be more focused and aimed at your goal and tasks and improve concentration in only a minute

Build and maintain Rapport easily to establish strong and lasting relationship where both parties agree happily and enjoy the relationship

Create feelings of trust and friendship with people within moments of meeting them

Notice and read accurately the non-verbal communication

Become a fearless communicator and presenter

Be in desirable mental state anytime and anywhere

Get confidence and charisma as well as get rid of phobia instantly

Break bad habits such as laziness, negativity, anger, craving for food/alcohol/cigarette etc.

Learn language of persuasion, influence and negotiation

Use the power of words to motivate and unstuck yourself and others around you

Be free from any bad memories that are holding you back and feel more optimist and positive about your future (Hint : Your past doesn’t automatically equals to your future)

Ask any question at any time…and you WILL have your answers

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Mayur’s Expertise

Designing   and   delivery   training   programmes   within   the   Neuro   Linguistic Programming (NLP) field alongside business and personal coaching. Also, doing continuous research and development and finding new techniques to bring rapid and lasting change.

Delivering training in highly innovative and practical approach. The style of delivering training involves real-life strategies and behaviour of highly successful and geniuses that work in practical work environment

Accelerated Learning Techniques to make participant understand easily and memorize for long time

Ability to bring and capture attention of entire audience for longer hours

Understanding Language and Behavior Pattern to influence others

Rapid Phobia Removal Therapist

Exceptionally strong communication & Presentation skills

Amazing skill to make the learning process more easier and joyful for participant so that they can learn stress-free and feel motivated

Wonderful sense of humor

Lastly, he delivers what he promises.Period!

Do You want to know Mayur who can help you to be a Gamechanger?

Know Mayur

DSCN3164-small “The Techniques I use take you from where you are now

to where you want to be. Yes, it really is that simple!”

- Mayur Bardolia

“Mayur’s teaching is way different and lot better than a typical motivational speech and soft-skill training. He is so funny and a marvelous change-agent.”
Khushali Agarwal, Architect
“If you haven’t learned from Mayur, I strongly recommend to learn from him because he solved almost all of my problems. I am so glad that I am now an excellent communicator.”
Rajiv Kasat, Businessman
” I was suffering from lower confidence and anxiety in my life. I am amazed to find that Mayur could made me more confident and charismatic I could only dream of before. Thanks to Mayur for giving me power.”
Shaardul Mehra, Chartered Accountant
“There are very few people who has such an in-depth knowledge of almost everything to do with attitudinal change, behaviour modelling, communication and mental fitness.”
Nency Trivedi, Lawyer
“Exceeded Expectations.”
Parul Barot, Student
“Having just attended Mayur’s NLP training, I must comment that I found his approach to be very direct, entertaining and most of all enlightening. His discussions and lectures made the concepts seem so easy to understand.”
Vijay Shah, Doctor
“Awesome experience with Mayur. He takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. He knows how to make that journey easy for you.”
Radhika Menon, Interior Designer
“Mayur is having mind-blowing knowledge of NLP, Hypnosis and Psychology. He has wonderful skill to present complicated ideas in a easy and funny way.” –
Nicky Shetty, Psychologist, Counselor

This is exactly how you are going to Progress & Prosper

  1. Make a decision now to live your life happily and prosper
  2. Expect the best from yourself
  3. Boldly set bigger goals
  4. Commit yourself to learn the strategies that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be
  5. Implement strategies one-by-one precisely
  6. Possess the mindset & strategies of highly successful people and geniuses
  7. Be a great communicator
  8. Become mentally healthy
  9. Be fearless 
  10. Have quality relationship with everyone around you
  11. Inspire others 
  12. Be a brillinant leader
  13. Fill your life with happiness and abundance 
  14. Always grow joyfully
  15. Surprise yourself and others with excellent results
  16. Be a genius by learning and applying  NLP in your life, career and business
  17. Enjoy the fruits of Peak performance
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