My name is Mayur Bardolia, and I’m here to tell you about how you can be more Happy, Positive and Productive. and effectiveness.

What I am going to tell you about is that you can have capabilities by Tapping Into the Full POWER of Your Mind & Body Using the Power of NLP

Now, As you are already on this page, you may already have a decision in mind.

Whether that’s the case or not, my aim is to give you the information you need to make a decision.

I will be direct and say that I’d like you to enroll in my next event of ‘Create The Life You Want – NLP for Excellence’.

I respect that iyes_you_can-copyt’s entirely your decision to make, so my job is that my job is to give you what you need to reach what I hope will be a favourable decision 


Imagine being able to learn the skills of the experts around you and then incorporate into things you can do to enhance your own abilities, it’s almost having superpowers

Imagine being able to communicate so well that you can guide someone ethically & easily to the best outcomes

Imagine that it’s actually possible to have these powers, you can use these abilities to make lasting change and positive impact for yourself and others

Now, stop imagining

This is real

You are going to discover and learn new skills and tools to create more possibilities, find ways to be more happier life, turbocharge your business, help yourself and others to live happier life, Become Master Communicator & Persuade & Influence elegantly and ethically.

Start your journey to your success & Happiness NOW..

This is the ultimate opportunity to learn &  test your new found skills at

Create The Life You Want – NLP  For Excellence

You learn specific talents you need used by CEOs, top professionals in management, Entrepreneurs, creatives and Success Coaches

You will also exclusively learn specific talent that are unique to world renowned experts


Course Content

Some of the topics you are going to learn …..

nav_right_redIntroduction to NLP – Learn and understand basics of NLP to be able to build a strong foundation

nav_right_redPresuppositions of NLP – A set of winning beliefs and mindsets to take with you on your journey to excellence

nav_right_redEstablish Rapport – Create a sense of deep trust and build strong relationships by establishing rapport with anyone instantly – including over the phone.

nav_right_redGoal Setting to Goal Getting – Design your destiny by knowing how to set your goals and strategies to achieve your outcomes easily

nav_right_redPrecision Communication – Have finesse in understanding people and  getting your message heard. Learn to influence others subtly

nav_right_redDiscover new possibilities to excel and to be a ‘peak performer’ to achieve extraordinary results

nav_right_redSubmodalities – Develop behavioral flexibility and manage your emotional states well

nav_right_red Anchoring – Be in any positive emotional states such to improve your productivity and happiness anytime and anywhere you want

nav_right_redMaster Your Emotions – Eliminate limiting beliefs, phobias, negative emotions and unwanted behavior forever

nav_right_red Milton Model – Become a powerful communicator and develop an exceptional level of influence over self and others to make positive and empowering changes

And Much more Learning with Live Questions-Answers… 


You should attend this exceptional Event BECAUSE

nav_right_redTheory of the techniques in detail and demonstration  of each one precisely & completely.

nav_right_redAll exercises are designed based on latest developments in psychology, hypnosis and behavioural science that means you are going reytrujgfhgto learn fresh techniques that work in 21st century

nav_right_redExercises are easier and practical to learn and relevant to you

nav_right_redYou will have the opportunity to get rid of your problems that are holding you for years

nav_right_redYou will have opportunity to practice the techniques under the supervision of certified trainer

nav_right_redLearning material with accurate step by step instructions

nav_right_redA certificate of participation in the ‘Create The Life You Want – NLP  For Excellence’ workshop

nav_right_redExpect to have fun, enjoy the training and most of all be ready for positive and productive change.

nav_right_redPersonal coaching via E-mail and phone to accomplish any of your 3 goals for a year

Want to Know about NLP?


The strongest reasons to attend….

This Program is for you if…

check You want to be empowered with tools  you can use anywhere whether it’s for your career, your business, your relationships or just yourself

check You want to grow businesss, sell more, connect with more people, be charismatic and live a quality personal as well as professional life.

check You are curious about NLP and want to explore how it can benefit you


Your Principle Trainer

Mayur Bardolia – An International NLP Trainer, Certified NLP Master Practitioner (UK), Life Success Coach, an Author, Hypnotherapist






Location : TBA



How to Confirm your seat?

bullet_ball_greenFees are accepted Cash/Cheque. All Cheques must be payable to ‘MAYUR BARDOLIA’



Direct Deposit in Bank is available-  please ask


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In case you do not have the necessary requirement to participate in this workshop, you are welcome to forward this mail to your friends who may be interested. It may help your friends to prosper their business. 

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Mayur Bardolia

International NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner (UK), Author,

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist


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